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    Top-Quality Final Builder Cleaning

    Being a builder or a new homeowner in Melbourne, you will know the significance of Melbourne builder cleaning. Post construction cleaning of debris is a real pain and to get the place at its prim & proper condition you need the deep cleaning facilities that cover every corner of your home. Right from the debris removal to regain that shine of your favourite wooden furniture, we promise to bring back everything just like new.

    Best Construction Cleaning Melbourne, Where spotless cleaning comes to your door!!!

    We have a team of trained Melbourne builder cleaning professionals who are the best in the industry and have extended knowledge of the solutions and tools used to suit renovation cleaning, corporate cleaning service and post construction cleaning at Melbourne buildings. The solutions used in cleaning are tested to assure that’s safe for kids and pets in homes. After builders construction cleaning ensures that the place will give you a refreshed feel with not a bit of dust anywhere. If you are renovating your office and need a corporate cleaning service, our experienced team meticulously works from beginning till the end to make your Melbourne building clean. Our builders cleaning services tidy up your messy place at the end of construction or


    Afters Builders Cleaning Services Melbourne

    Getting exhausted looking at the pile of work at your construction site? Do not worry about after builder cleaning. We offer post construction cleaning to make your building clean. Keen Cleaning supervise every phase of cleaning by ensuring that all floors are vacuumed and mopped, scrubbed to remove stubborn paint or stain, clean surfaces of shelves, cupboards, wipe windows, doors, and glass, and other areas of your building. Whether it is interior or exterior cleaning of your site, our renovation cleaning team of Melbourne will attend to your details with an affordable price.

    Get a free quote for all types of post construction cleaning. Our objective is to provide higher customer satisfaction by paying attention of every detail.
    At Keen Cleaning, we take the guesswork out of tidying up after a build! Saw-dust, plaster-dust, wood-chips, metal-filings and other debris can wreak havoc with your regular cleaning equipment. Builders’ cleaning in Melbourne is in demand as Melbourne prepares for the busiest holiday season of the last few years. Get construction cleaning in Melbourne covered with us! Don’t ruin your domestic-vacuum cleaner by attempting major clean-ups; let us use our specialised equipment. Keen Cleaning teams remove residue, drips, tape, glue, streaks, chips of building materials and other remnants of contractors’ work. A regular clean just won’t cut it, which is why Construction Cleaning in Melbourne is one of our specialty areas. After Builders Cleaning is a specialised area. Therefore Keen Cleaning offer After Builders Cleaning Services here in Melbourne. Find out why we are the most trusted Construction Cleaning Service Contractors in town. Call us for an obligation-free quote!



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